Parker Crest Neighborhood Association

Alice Kelledjian Richmond, P.C.N.A. President

Minutes of February 2nd, 2004


P.C.N.A. update on the latest meetings:




Ø      Sandi Farley, City Manager, opened the agenda to speak on matters regarding land uses. 

Ø      While P.C.N.A. Affiliate police office, Jim Doolittle, was not present, we still look forward to meeting him.  Nevertheless, Officer Jesse Ashby and Sergeant Carl Lewis and Sergeant/detective Mike Boyd gave a very impressive presentation on I.D. theft.  They were applauded for their expertise to serve us in such a grandiose manner.

Ø      Also, the T.V.F.D. was well received on their informative seminar as a service agent to West Linn.  On return, T.V.F.D. told me how much they, too, have appreciated this opportunity to share our police department’s presentation on how to crack open a case.


Both presentations deserve an “A” plus grade, and, of course, P.C.N. residents expressed their immense gratitude to our police department staff for their illustrious work, to keep our city in virtually crime free quality living.  My personal thanks goes out to all our staff and the city manager of West Linn, who see to our well being in this community.







Submitted this day of February 18th, 2004



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