Winter Weather Update

As of 6:00pm on Monday 2/10/14:

All West Linn streets *except* Marylhurst Drive are now open.

As of 6:00am Monday on 2/10/14:

West Linn City Hall is open normal hours today.

As of noon Sunday on 2/9/14:

The West Linn Public Library is closed today.

As of noon Saturday on 2/8/14:

The West Linn Public Library is closed today.

s of 3:15pm Friday on 2/7/14:

Due to safety precautions, the Library Director is closing the library today a little early, effective 3:30pm (normal close time is 6:00pm). At this point, the library plans to be open regular hours on Saturday and Sunday, from 12-5. However, if road conditions are unsafe over the weekend the library will close or have reduced hours. The decision on library hours for Saturday will be made Saturday morning.

As of 9:22am on 2/7/14:

Our major #WestLinn streets are looking well groomed and traffic seems to be navigating well. There is some walk in traffic in/out of City Hall, but it is fairly quiet. Chief Timeus reports the standard street closures of Pimlico, Hidden Springs, Sunset and Maryhurst. Also, he reports that last night, roughly 30 or so reported minor car incidents, but nothing not expected.

Latest on today’s weather:

The latest Weather Briefing on the Portland area from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that the second round of snow is expected to first hit Lane County this morning and work its way north to the Portland area around late afternoon. Stay tuned for more updates and stay warm.

As of 4:53pm on 2/6/14:

Wednesday afternoon and yesterday we put down about 1,400 gallons of de-icer (Magnesium Chloride).

We had 4 dump trucks equipped with plows and sanders out until 7:30 last night and then brought in a crew of 4 at midnight.

Currently we have 4 dump trucks and a pickup out plowing the streets prior to this morning’s commute.

We are concentrating on the primary and secondary snow routes. Once we have those routes cleared we will expand our plowing to other streets.

The following streets are currently closed:

  • Summit St between Rosemont Rd and Skyline DR and Summit at Apollo
  • Pimlico DR, Hidden Springs RD at Bluegrass Way and at Autumn View CT
  • Marylhurst at Hillcrest and at Midhill Cir.
  • Skye Parkway at Leigh CT and at Hillside DR.