May 2011 Oregon City/West Linn Bridge Project Update

Work continues under the roadway (bridge deck) on the beams (stringers) that support the bridge deck. These stringers are 20 feet long, 15 inches high and 8 inches wide. The contractor is repairing corroded stringer ends by cutting out sections of the bridge deck, removing corroded portions and installing new stringer ends. The deck will be repaired and new joints installed to create water tight joints. You can see the large beams placed across the bridge providing support to make these repairs. Starting the last week of May, installation of seismic restraints will start. These restraints consist of steel cables and plates connected under the bridge to keep the roadway from falling in an earthquake. In early June, the contractor will start injecting epoxy into some of the cracks in the concrete on the bridge. This will prevent moisture from getting into the concrete and corroding the reinforcing steel over time. They will also repair some of the cracks in the retaining walls in the alleys on the Oregon City side. Some temporary closures of the alleys will occur during this work. Local business access will be coordinated by the contractor. In mid-June, Shotcrete will be applied to the steel inside the arch chambers below the bridge. The barges are scheduled to return the week of June 13 to be used as a platform for access and containment while the contractor removes the outside Gunite on the arch ribs. Since the locks are not open to river traffic, the arrival of the barges from Wilsonville needed to be scheduled during the locks’ maintenance period. In mid-June, sections of the sidewalk will be removed to provide access to perform inspection and make repairs below the bridge. Bridge Shuttle Shuttle ridership is growing. On May 2, the frequency increased to every 30 minutes. Departures leave West Linn on the hour and half hour and leave Oregon City at :15 and :30 minutes after the hour. After 17 weeks of service (May 15), the number of shuttle riders is over 9,215 including 1,170 bicyclists riding the shuttle. The average number of pedestrians riding per day is 76 and the daily average for bicyclists is 10. Remember all businesses adjacent to the bridge are open. Traffic Changes ODOT continuously monitors traffic around the bridge and has made modifications to improve the increased volume of traffic. On the West Linn side of the bridge, ramp meters are set to automatically adjust based on the real-time traffic volume. Striping changes have been made on the on-ramps to improve the flow and reduce back-ups on I-205. Also, to reduce improper turns, tubular markers were installed at the intersection of Willamette Falls Drive and OR 43. Changes made on one road affect others so it is a balance between maintaining both safety and traffic flow. More changes are coming. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you, Susan Hanson Susan Hanson Community Affairs Coordinator Oregon Department of Transportation - Region 1 123 NW Flanders | Portland, OR | 97209 503-731-3490 (desk) | 503-706-9814 (cell) | 503-731-3266 (fax) Visit the ODOT Region 1 Web site: