ID Title Project Type Vicinity Map
MISC-12-03 Transportation System Plan Update Miscellaneous (MISC)
MISC-11-02 Highway 43/Willamette Falls Drive Visioning Project Miscellaneous (MISC)
PLN-15-01 Comprehensive Plan Amendments to Goal 9 - Economic Development Comp Plan Amendment or Supplement (PLN)
MISC-15-09 5650 River Street Flood Management Area Permit Miscellaneous (MISC) Map
MP-15-02 5083 Territorial Drive Minor Partition Minor Partition (MIP) Map
WA-15-04 3224 Sabo Lane Water Resource Area Protection Permit to Build a New Home Water Resource Area Protection (WAP) Map
DR-15-11 2444, 2422, and 2410 Tannler Drive Class II Design Review and Lot Line Adjustment Design Review (DR) Map
SUB-15-01 22850 Weatherhill Road 22-Lot Subdivision Subdivision (SUB) Map
WRG-15-04 2280 Volpp Street Accessory Dwelling Unit in a Flood Zone Willamette River Greenway (WRG) Map
DR-15-12 1731 Willamette Falls Drive Class I Historic Review - Commercial Minor Alteration Design Review (DR) Map
DR-15-05 1724 4th Avenue Historic Review Design Review (DR) Map
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