IDsort descending Title Project Type Vicinity Map
ANX-09-01 3332 and 3151 Parker Road general location 7-Acre Annexation Annexation (AN) Map
ANX-14-01 1430 Rosemont Road Annexation of 2.95 Acres Annexation (AN)
AP-10-01 1215 9th Street Appeal of Planning Director Decision for Water Resources Area Permit Appeal (AP) Map
AP-10-03 Appeal of Planning Commission decision to extend approval of a three build office complex at the corner of Tannler Drive and Blankenship Road Appeal (AP) Map
AP-12-02 4260 Kenthorpe Way Water Treatment Plant Expansion Appeal of Planning Commission Decision Appeal (AP) Map
AP-12-03 and AP-12-03 Remand of AP-12-02 and AP-12-03 Appeal (AP)
CDC-08-01 Transportation System Plan CDC Amendment Community Development Code Amendment (CDC)
CDC-08-04 Chapter 32 Code Amendments Water Resource Area Protection Community Development Code Amendment (CDC)
CDC-09-01 Historic District Re-write Community Development Code Amendment (CDC)
CDC-09-02 Commercial District Design Standard Amendments Community Development Code Amendment (CDC)
CDC-09-03 Sustainability Code Amendments Community Development Code Amendment (CDC)
CDC-09-04 Extend Period between Preliminary to Final Plat CDC Amendments Community Development Code Amendment (CDC)
CDC-09-06 Historic District - Holly Grove CDC Additions Community Development Code Amendment (CDC)
CDC-10-02 CDC Amendments to Multiple Chapters on PUD and Infill Housing Community Development Code Amendment (CDC)
CDC-10-04 Sunday Signs and Pre-Application Conference Code Amendments Community Development Code Amendment (CDC)
CDC-13-01 Economic Development Code Amendments Community Development Code Amendment (CDC)
CUP-09-02 19200 Willamette Drive Conditional Use and Design Review for Wireless Communication Facility Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Map
CUP-10-01 4515 Cedaroak Drive Primary School Library Expansion Condtional Use / Design Review / Variance / Expansion of a Non-Conforming Use Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Map
CUP-10-02 5933 Holmes Street Bolton Primary Library Addition Conditional Use / Design Review / Variance / Alteration of a Non Conforming Use Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Map
CUP-13-03 2015 8th Avenue Conditional Use Permit and Class II Design Review for the Youth Music Project Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Map
DR-09-02 4515 Cedaroak Drive Reconfigure Parking Lot at Cedaroak Primary School Design Review / Water Reources Area Protection Design Review (DR) Map
DR-10-01 1715 Buck Street Historic Design Review Design Review (DR) Map
DR-10-07 19200 Willamette Drive Design Review Wireless Communication Facility Design Review (DR) Map
DR-10-10 1697 6th Ave Design Review Historic District Restoration Design Review (DR) Map
DR-10-11 1883 6th Avenue Design Review Historic District Dormer Addition Design Review (DR) Map
DR-12-13 2100 8th Court Class I Design Review to Construct a Side by Side Drive-Thru at McDonalds Design Review (DR) Map
DR-13-02 22250 Willamette Drive Class II Design Review to Convert Service Bays to Convenience Store Design Review (DR) Map
MIP-13-03 23451 Salamo Road 3-Lot Minor Partition and Water Resource Area Application Minor Partition (MIP) Map
MIP-14-01 23000 Horizon Drive Minor Partition Minor Partition (MIP)
MIP-14-02 19613 Suncrest Drive Minor Partition Minor Partition (MIP)
MIP-14-03 1519 6th Avenue Minor Partition Minor Partition (MIP)
MISC-07-21 Hammerle Street between Failing Street and Elliott Street ROW Vacation Miscellaneous (MISC) Map
MISC-08-11 Lorinda Court & Upper Lorinda Lane ROW Vacation Miscellaneous (MISC) Map
MISC-08-12 Corner of 3rd and 7th Streets construct a house Willamette River Greenway and Flood Plain Permit Willamette River Greenway (WRG) Map
MISC-08-15 CLG Grant 08-09 Miscellaneous (MISC)
MISC-08-17 PUD Designation to Zoning Map Miscellaneous (MISC)
MISC-08-19 Reclassification of HCA Boundries Miscellaneous (MISC)
MISC-09-04 1855 Blankenship Road Temporary Use Fireworks Stand Miscellaneous (MISC) Map
MISC-09-05 21000 Salamo Road Temporary Use Fireworks Stand Miscellaneous (MISC) Map
MISC-09-06 Transit Stations Miscellaneous (MISC) Map
MISC-09-09 CLG Grant 09-11 Miscellaneous (MISC)
MISC-10-08 3706 Cedaroak Drive Fire Station Temporary Use Permit for Neighborhood Center Miscellaneous (MISC) Map
MISC-10-14 Tannler Drive and Blankenship Road Intersection Willamette Corporate Center Phase II extension of approval Miscellaneous (MISC) Map
MISC-10-15 4111 Elmran Drive Extension of Approval of a 6-Lot Subdivision Miscellaneous (MISC) Map
MISC-10-16 5743 River Street Flood Plain Permit frontward one-story extension of garage and roof & support structures over existing deck Miscellaneous (MISC) Map
MISC-10-26 5567 Habitat Conservation Area Boundaries at 5567 River Street Miscellaneous (MISC) Map
MISC-11-01 Transportation System Plan Update Miscellaneous (MISC)
MISC-11-02 Highway 43/Willamette Falls Drive Visioning Project Miscellaneous (MISC)
MISC-12-09 1855 Blankenship Road Temporary Use Fireworks Stand Miscellaneous (MISC) Map
MISC-12-16 5650 River Street Additions to an Existing Residence in a Flood Management Area Miscellaneous (MISC) Map