West Linn Police Arrest Man and an Associate for Arson/Explosive Device Warrants; Hindering Prosecution

WEST LINN - Officer Dave Heimbuck took William C. Dinnell into custody for False Information to a Police Officer. At the jail, he learned Dinnell was a wanted felon and an out of compliance sex offender. John L. Bealer Jr., one of Dinnell's travelling companions had devised a scheme to help Dinnell avoid detection, by using Bealer's own son's name. Mr. Bealer was lodged on Hindering Prosecution charges for his efforts. On Thursday, March 4, 2010, at 3:03pm Officer Heimbuck stopped a vehicle displaying improper tags on I-205 N at Hwy. 99E. He contacted several people in the vehicle including William C. Dinnell (21) and John Lionel Bealer Jr. (43). Bealer, the driver, told the officer he was suspended but had to drive as his son, Dinnell, could not drive a stick shift and the other passengers had been drinking beer. Officer Heimbuck found a cold beer where Mr. Dinnell had been sitting and prepared to issue him a citation for open container. Mr. Dinnell told the officer he had no identification and gave a name and date of birth. When the officer checked information through DMV, he learned the person whose name was given was over 6' tall and close to 200 pounds in reality, Mr. Dinnell is 5'5" tall and 157 pounds. He was taken into custody for False Information to Police and transported to the jail. The other occupants (including Bealer) were then released and went on their way. Once at the jail, Mr. Dinnell used a second name which was also false before admitting his real name. He had outstanding warrants for two counts each for Arson 1, and Manufacturing a Destructive Device (explosive). Officer Heimbuck also learned he was a registered sex offender who was out of compliance for registration. He was lodged at the jail in lieu of $172,500 bail. Upon learning Mr. Dinnell's real name, Officer Heimbuck called Officer Tony Poitras and asked him to check the area of the Oregon City Shopping Center for the driver of the vehicle who claimed to be the father of Mr. Dinnell. Bealer and Dinnell have only known each other about four days. Officer Poitras located Bealer by some dumpsters and took him into custody without incident on a charge of Hindering Prosecution. Mr. Bealer told Officer Poitras Mr. Dinnell told him he was wanted so he (Bealer) had been quizzing Dinnell on his son's information to avoid capture. ##WLPD## Contact Info: Sgt. Neil Hennelly 503-655-6214 ext 4498