Waste Removal

West Linn Municipal Code 5.265: Any person in physical possession and control of a dog shall remove excrement or other solid waste deposited by the dog in any area not designed to receive such wastes, including but not limited to public areas such as streets, sidewalks, parking strips, public parks and any private property owned by a person or persons other than the person in physical possession and control of the dog within the corporate limits of the city. Penalties and Fines: You may be cited to appear in court and fined up to $500.00 per violation. Thoughts from the Animal Control Officer: The code states any solid waste left by your dog must be picked up immediately. This does not mean when you come back from your walk, not later, not tomorrow....immediately. So remember when you leave the house to go for a walk or to the park be sure to have your baggies with you. Failing to pick up after your dog (immediately upon deposit) is not just a violation of the law it’s downright rude! Everyone who walks down a city sidewalk, strolls a wooded park trail, or takes advantage of a school track deserves to enjoy their activities without apprehension of being approached, barked at or bitten by a passerby’s dog or stepping in dog waste. Be respectful of your neighbors, a little consideration for others will go a long way. Remember the negative situations created by the few dog owners who do not obey the rules affect all dog owners when laws, regulations and policies for dogs in public places are made!