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Safe Reunion

Safe Reunion is a program designed to help safely and quickly return a lost person home. Who is the program designed for? Safe Reunion is designed for people who wander or become lost, the memory impaired such as those with Alzheimer's Disease or other dementias, children or adults with special needs, and non-verbal communicators such as those with some forms of intellectual disabilities or mental illnesses. How does the program work? The volunteer participant wears a bracelet with a phone number and a serial number on it. When a person wearing a bracelet is found, the phone number on the bracelet is called and the dispatcher sends a police officer to assist in getting the person home safely. Why a serial number and not a name and address? For the participant's safety the telephone number is to the police dispatch and the serial number identifies the person whose information is maintained in the dispatch center as well as the police department. This protects the participant's safety so they do not become victims of a crime. My loved one has never wandered away. Do I still need the program? It only takes a minute and you can't watch them every minute of the day and night. If a person can walk, they may wander away. My loved one is in a nursing home. Patients have been known to memorize alarm codes, climb out windows, and walk out with a group of visitors. Why wait until an emergency occurs. This program is offered free to participants. The program is funded through donations from local business owners, neighborhood associations, churches, private citizens, and family of participants. For further information about the program, if you are interested in enrolling a family member, or if you are interested in making a donation please contact: West Linn Police Department Community Service Officer Peggy Jones 503-655-6214 ext 4485 (Monday through Friday 10am-2pm)