Reserve Officer Program

The West Linn Police Reserve Program has a long history of distinguished service to the citizens of West Linn. Every year men and women of the program donate hundreds of hours to the city through the police department. Reserve Police Officers are volunteer police officers. They go through the same selection process as our paid staff, and must meet the same stringent requirements for acceptance to the program. Upon selection they attend a 300+ hour Basic Reserve Academy where they learn criminal law, defensive tactics, patrol procedures, emergency vehicle operations, and firearms. Once they graduate they are assigned a Field Training Officer (FTO) who oversees their field training for the next several months. Once they have completed their training program, they are deployed as second officers in our police cars conducting routine patrol, emergency response, and community policing activities. This is a fast paced, rewarding, and exciting way to give back to your community. If you are interested in obtaining additional information and/or an application for our reserve program, click on "Job Opportunities" on the City's home web page.