Related Codes

Communicable Diseases: West Linn Municipal Code 5.405: No person may permit an animal or bird owned or controlled by him/her to be at large within the city if the animal or bird is afflicted with a communicable disease. NOTE: This includes cats with FIP (Feline Infections Peritonitis) and Feline Leukemia. IT IS EVERY CAT OWNER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO HAVE ANY CAT PERMITTED OUTDOORS TESTED. If any cat which is found to be infected with either of these diseases is found to be outside of the cat owner’s home, or any cat which is exposed to, or shares a household with an infected cat is found to be allowed outside the cat owner’s home, the cat owner will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Both of these diseases are fatal and, at this time, incurable.  Livestock and Poultry: West Linn Municipal Code 5.415 (1): No person may maintain a pigsty, slaughterhouse or tannery, or permit livestock, or poultry owned by him/her to run at large within the city. This section shall not apply to cats, dogs or other household pets. (2) Livestock, poultry and other animals and fowl running at large in the city shall be taken up and impounded by a police officer and disposed of in accordance with the procedure provided by ordinance for the disposition of abandoned vehicles. Kennels Prohibited: West Linn Municipal Code 5.335: It is unlawful for dog kennels to exist or operate in any area of the city other than areas which are zoned for such a use. For purposes of this section, any property where more than four dogs are kept, whether such animals are kept as personal property of the property owner or as a business venture, is deemed to be a kennel. A person may have more than four dogs and not be deemed a kennel, if one of the dogs is a female with a litter under the age of six months. Interference With Officers: West Linn Municipal Code 5.315: It is unlawful for any person to interfere in any way with any police officer or dog control officer of the city engaged in seizing or impounding any dog under authority of sections 5.250 to 5.340. Poisonous Food: West Linn Municipal Code 5.330: No person shall knowingly place food of any description containing poisonous or other injurious ingredients in any area reasonably likely to be accessible to animals other than rodents Dangerous Animals: West Linn Municipal Code 5.410: No person may permit his/her wild or domesticated dangerous animal to run at large. Removal of Carcasses: West Linn Municipal Code 5.420: No person may permit any fowl or animal carcass owned by him/her or under his/her control to remain upon the public streets or places, or to be exposed on private property, for a period of time longer than is reasonably necessary to remove or dispose of such carcass. Additional service providers If you are seeking assistance with: Cougars/Coyotes/Bear/Mountain Lion/Beaver- You may contact the County Trapper, Mark Lytle (pager 503-790-1601) Raccoon/Nutria/Deer in Garden, etc., - You may contact the Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (971-673-6000) Pet Store Complaints - You may contact the State Veterinary Office - (fax number 503-986-4734) Birds - You may contact the Audubon Society (503-292-0304) Injured/Orphaned Wildlife - You may contact the American Wildlife Foundation (503-829-9567) Citizens may also refer to the yellow pages for small animal, varmint, rodent complaints - there are a number of pest control companies in the Portland metro area. They all charge for services. We cannot recommend any particular business.