Portland Man Struck by Hit and Run Driver While Changing Tire on I-205

UPDATE: On Wednesday evening the owner of the Mercedes who ran over Mr. Glen Ridderbush on I-205 at 10th Street contacted the WLPD after seeing news reports of the crash. The owner came to the WLPD with the car. Detectives examined the Mercedes and confirmed it is the one that struck Mr. Ridderbush. There have been no arrests in this case. The investigation into this event is ongoing and no additional information is available. UPDATE: Suspect Vehicle a 2006, 2007, or 2008 "E" Class Mercedes Benz, Silver in Color AUDIO: http://www.flashnews.net/images/news/01%20Track%201.wav On Wednesday morning, July 23, 2008 Glen Carl Ridderbush (57 years old) was traveling north on I-205 approaching 10th Street when one of the tires went flat on his Ford pickup. He pulled onto the shoulder to change the tire. While kneeling down to remove the lug nuts; he was struck by a passing vehicle, breaking both of his ankles. He was transported by AMR to OHSU with non-life threatening injuries. Sgt. Steve Taylor found two pieces of body side molding, silver in color, and have a chrome strip imbedded in them. There is no further description of the car. Officers believe the suspect vehicle will have damage to the right side from a glancing blow to the victim. Police were alerted to the crash when two men, working in a shopping center, heard the crash and Mr. Ridderbush calling for help. The shopping center is across the freeway and about 750-1000 feet from the crash scene. The workers, Kenneth Robinson of Forest Grove, and Ryan Williams of Vancouver called 9-1-1 after finding Mr. Ridderbush. Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact the WLPD at 503-655-6214. Contact Info: Sgt. Neil Hennelly