Impounded Dog / Release

West Linn Municipal Code 5.285: Any member of the police department or the dog control officer of the city is authorized to impound any dog found running at large or is found to be unlicensed as defined in section 5.250 Dogs Are Impounded: There are four primary reasons a dog is impounded: 1) To protect it from cars, poisons, disease and irate citizens 2) To protect the community from the dog’s digging, biting, breeding and defecating 3) To find you ! 4) Although your dog had identification, the officer had no method of SECURING the dog at your home; gates were locked, dog was digging under fence, no fence, etc. Where Dogs Are Impounded: Dogs picked up by the West Linn Police personnel are transported for holding at Clackamas County Dog Services 13141 SE Hwy 212 Clackamas, OR 97015 (503) 655-8628 (503) 655-8218 ~ after hours emergency This facility is approximately 2 miles east of I-205 on Hwy 212. The driveway is on the left and shared with Clackamas Drift Boats. How to Get Your Dog Out of Impound: Before Clackamas County Dog Services will release your dog to you, you will first be required to: • Pay all fees due to Clackamas County Dog Services. You will need to call them (503) 655-8628 regarding all questions concerning monies owed for impound fees, boarding and vaccinations.