Car Prowlers Hit West Linn Neighborhoods Hard Overnight

WEST LINN - West Linn Police responded to over fourteen car prowls today, November 2, 2009, which occurred overnight. Most of the cars were unlocked, although a few windows were broken to gain entry. Items stolen included IPOD mp3 players, GPS units, garage door openers, purses, sunglasses, credit cards and identification. Police advise residents to not leave anything of value or interest in your cars overnight and always lock your car. "These are crimes of opportunity. If you remove the valuables you remove the risk" said Sergeant Neil Hennelly, West Linn Police spokesperson. Over the past week we have had about two dozen car prowls and only a small handful of them had forced entry (window breaks) to gain entry to cars. If you are the victim of a car break-in within the City of West Linn and have not yet reported the crime, please call 503-635-0238. The crimes occurred along Pimlico Drive, Apollo Road, Summit Street, over toward Cascade Terrace, and Remington Drive to Taylor Court. "These are all affluent neighborhoods and people who live there have nice things." Hennelly said, "Two thirds of the people we arrest do not live in our community. They commute here to do crime because they know it is a target rich environment and people often leave there belongings unsecured." If you see suspicious activity in West Linn or have information related to this case, please call 503-635-0238 immediately. #### Contact Info: Contact Sergeant Neil Hennelly at 503-655-6214 ext 4498