Car Crashes Over Embankment During Chase, Driver Still At Large

Incident Update: The suspect was arrested February 24, 2008. As of February 13, 2008 - Suspect still at large; at 8:18am, Wednesday, February 13, 2008, a resident of the 18700 block of Rose Way, West Linn reported his green 1993 Volkswagen Jetta, 4-door sedan, stolen from his driveway. The VW license is ZYC -695 (OR). The keys were in the vehicle at the time of the theft. This address is located two blocks from the 7 -11 store and it is believed DETRICK may have been involved in this car theft. On Tuesday, February 12, 2008, at 5:09 pm Officers Jason Dolan and Patr ick McConnell were on routine patrol when they saw an older Ford Mustang. They checked the license plate and learned the car did not have valid insurance. The driver then made a turn without signaling onto I -205 north from 10th Street. Officer McConnell was driving and signaled the Mustang to stop. The driver of the car then accelerated rapidly onto the freeway with the officers in pursuit. The Mustang took the Hwy 43 / West Linn exit and attempted to turn right at the bottom of the ramp. They failed to negotiate the turn and the Mustang drifted across the road, jumped the curb, and plunged down the embankment. The officers began to surround the car as the occupants fled. Officers from West Linn, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, the Oregon State Police and a K -9 from Clackamas County Sheriff's Office responded to assist. The two passengers in the car were detained for a short time. During the search citizens called in numerous sightings. Despite the assistance from nearly a dozen officers, the driver, Sean Ivan DETRICK, age 36, of SE Portland, avoided capture. DETRICK has an outstanding warrant for unauthorized use of a Vehicle (UUV) with caution indicators due to prior arrests for eluding police and weapons charges. If anyone sees this subject, they are asked to contact the West Linn Police. On Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 10:20 pm, the West Linn Police Department received a report of a suspicious male at the local 7 -11 Store, located at 19100 Willamette Drive. Responding officers viewed the in store video and confirmed the subject was Sean Ivan DETRICK, the suspect in an earlier elude. Officers conducted a thorough search of the area and were unable to locate DETRICK.