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Bicycle Safety

One of the core goals of the West Linn Police Department is to protect life and property. To that end, we support and encourage ALL bike riders to wear helmets EVERY TIME they ride their bikes. In Oregon the law requires anyone less than 16 years of age to wear an approved bike helmet whenever they ride bikes, scooters, skateboards, and in-line skates. The purpose of this law is to reduce serious injuries and fatalities caused by severe head trauma in crashes while riding these types of devices. When you ride your bike, ride in the direction of traffic (on the same side) and watch for cars or people walking. If you ride at night, wear bright clothing and have working lights on your bike so drivers can see you. Do not ever carry more people on your bike other than yourself, unless you have a tandem bike. Obey all traffic controls like stop signs and traffic lights. If you pay attention, and practice safe riding, you will enjoy riding your bike for years and years. The West Linn Police Department works with schools, scout groups, and the Parks and Recreation Department to provide speakers on bike safety as a proactive measure to keep all of us safe in our community. For additional information you may also visit for more valuable resources regarding bike safety!