Beaverton Man Arrested for Throwing Snowballs While Walking in the Fast Lane of Freeway

In an attempt to get a ride to Beaverton, Zach L. Kelly walked in the fast lane of I-205 and later I-5 in an attempt to stop traffic. WEST LINN – Shortly after 3:00 A.M. this morning West Linn Police received a call of a man trying to stop traffic on I-205 southbound near the old rest area. Upon arrival, Officer Brad Moyle and Sgt. Kirk Tonkin found Zach L. Kelly, 29 of Beaverton, along side of the freeway. One of the vehicles he jumped towards was a FedEx tractor trailer. Sgt. Tonkin reports Mr. Kelly had been drinking, but appeared lucid. Sgt. Tonkin reported Mr. Kelly was walking back and forth along the fog line, in a marching type manner, with snowballs in each hand. He was also walking in the center of the fast lane, and throwing snowballs at vehicles passing him in the slow lane. Mr. Kelly explained he needed a ride home, could not find one so he started walking. He then began to try to flag down a ride. Sgt. Tonkin explained to Mr. Kelly the dangers of his actions, especially in the current weather environment (snow and ice) and offered him a ride to Tualatin, so he could continue his walk, but on surface streets. Mr. Kelly accepted. Sgt. Tonkin drove him to SW 72nd near Bridgeport Village. Sgt. Tonkin cautioned Mr. Kelly several times to stay out of traffic and to keep off the freeway. Shortly after dropping Mr. Kelly off, LOCOM began to receive calls of a man standing on I-5 jumping into traffic. Sgt. Tonkin went back, found Mr. Kelly and arrested him for disorderly conduct. He was lodged at the Clackamas County Jail. Contact Info: Sgt. Neil Hennelly 503-655-6214 ext 4498 No mug shot available currently