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Do I need to get a permit for my garage sale?

No, you don’t. However, there are still rules governing the types of items sold, the duration of your sale and the number and location of signs. You may have up to three garage sales during a given calendar year that may last up to three consecutive days each. A garage sale is defined in West Linn as a sale held in a residence, or a combination of residences, where items to be sold constitute used or handcrafted items generated from participating individual neighborhood households. Garage sales shall not be used as wholesale or retail outlets for new or manufactured goods, other than home generated, handcrafted items.  During each of these sales, you are allowed up to five (5), four (4) square foot signs to advertise your sale per temporary sign requlations. Garage sale signs may not contain ribbons, balloons, streamers or similar appurtenances that could potentially distract motorists. Garage sale signs may only be placed on private property, out of the public right-of-way excluding Sundays, see Sunday requlations, and may not be located so as to obstruct clear vision of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.  For more information see the bulletin in the supporting documents below or call the Planning Department at (503) 656-4211.