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Arch Bridge/Bolton Area Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Amendments

The City of West Linn is looking to reopen the door to its past in the historic, but underutilized center of the community near the Arch Bridge. Bringing back people and businesses, while showcasing the natural beauty of the area, has long been a goal of planning efforts in the community.

The city recently completed a process to gather community input and create the Arch Bridge/Bolton Concept Plan for the area. The plan acts as a vision and provides an outline for redevelopment of the “historic heart” of the community. The next step is to fill in the details of the outline. This will be accomplished through recommended zoning changes, design standards, and development codes that will strive to implement the community’s vision for the area.

The city has hired Cogan Owens Greene to work with the community, city staff, and the Planning Commission to bring forward zoning and code amendments that can be taken through the city’s legislative process. Community input and support will be keys to the success of reopening the door to this historic area.

Here are the tasks the consultant team will be helping with:

  • Evaluate existing development codes and the concept plan
  • Community Engagement Plan
    • Affected property owner meetings
    • Community conversations
    • Community open houses
    • Communication and outreach
    • Planning Commission and City Council updates
  • Develop Draft Amendments
    • Code changes and design standards
    • Traffic analysis and recommendations
    • Community feedback
  • Final Draft Amendments and Legislative Process

For more information about this project, contact Associate Planner Darren Wyss at or 503-722-5512.