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Kidz Love Soccer

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Saturday, June 28, 2014 - 9:00am

Kidz Love Soccer

Kidz Love Soccer
Since 1979, Kidz Love Soccer has been dedicated to teaching children the world’s most popular sport within a nurturing, recreational environment. A typical session experience includes age appropriate activities: skill demonstrations, fun games, and instructional scrimmages. Young soccer enthusiasts experience soccer fun in a safe, non-competitive environment. Kidz Love Soccer…”Where the score is always FUN to FUN!”™

All classes located at: Tanner Creek Park, field

Mommy/Daddy & Me Soccer – (ages 2– 3.5)
Introduce yourself and your toddler to the “World’s Most Popular Game”!  As you and your child participate in our fun age appropriate activities, your child will be developing their large motor skills and socialization skills. The fun happens on the field, and in Mommy/Daddy & Me Soccer, parents are part of the action, not watching from the sidelines! Min 5 Max 20
Fee: IC $81 OC $86                
7143.301         Sa        9:00-9:30 am               6/28-8/23        No class 7/5   

Tot-soccer – (ages 3.5 – 4)Little tykes will enjoy running and kicking just like the big kids!  Encourages large motor skill development through fun soccer games and introduces small children to the group setting. All participants receive a Kidz Love Soccer jersey! Shin guards are required after the first meeting. 5 min–24 max   
Fee: IC $81 OC $86                
7144.301         Sa        9:40-10:10 am             6/28-8/23        No class 7/5               

Pre-soccer – (ages 4 – 5)

Teaches the basic techniques of the game and builds self-esteem through participation and fun soccer activities. Children learn to follow instructions in a nurturing, age appropriate environment. Shin guards are required after the first meeting. All participants receive a Kidz Love Soccer jersey!  5 min–24 max      
Fee: IC $81 OC $86                
7145.301         Sa        10:10-10:45 am           6/28-8/23  No class on 7/5                      

Soccer 1 Techniques & Teamwork– (ages 5.0 – 6)
Players will learn dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, age-specific defense, etc. Fun skill games are played at every session, and every participant will have a ball at his or her feet. Small-sided soccer matches will be introduced gradually. Shin guards are required after the first meeting. All participants receive a Kidz Love Soccer jersey! 5 min–24 max  
Fee: IC $81 OC $86                
7146.301         Sa        10:45-11:30 am           6/28-8/23        No class 7/5               

Soccer Skillz & Scrimmages – (ages 7 – 10)
Kidz 7-10 years of age will enjoy advanced skill building: dribbling, passing and shooting in a team play format. Each class will focus on scrimmages that emphasize application of finer technical points. All levels are welcome to come enjoy the world’s most popular game! Shin guards are required. All participants receive a Kidz Love Soccer jersey. 5 min–24 max          
Fee: IC $81 OC $86                
7147.301         Sa        11:30 am -12:15 pm   6/28-8/23        No class 7/5