Science Alliance for Young Teens

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  • Kids (infant through 5th grade)
  • Teens (entering 6th through 12th grades)


The "Science Alliance" events for young teens entering grades 4-8. Unless noted, all programs are on Wednesdays starting at 2pm.

June 25 - Bubbleology
Learn how bubbles are formed and some tricks on how to make them last!

July 2 - Optics
The eyes  can play tricks on us. Learn to create your own tricks!

July 9, 2pm - OMSI: Earth in Motion
Become earthquake experts and study the tectonic forces that trigger quakes! (Registration required)

July 9, 4pm - OMSI: 3-2-1 Blast-Off!
Count down to adventure with real rockets! (Registration Required)

July 16 - Strong Structures
Design and test your own creations! Will yours be tallest, strongest, most flexible?

July 23 - Flotation Science
Can you build a boat to carry a dozen eggs? What happens when you mix oil, water, and food coloring?

July 30, 2pm and 4pm - OMSI: Scales, Claws, and Expanding Jaws
Slide, slither, and hop into herpetology, the science of reptiles. (Registration required)