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Chief Information Officer Services Announcement

Bid/RFP Due Date: 
Monday, April 22, 2013 (All day)

Bid/RFP Status: 
Closed - no longer accepting bids and proposals


The City of West Linn consists of 10 departments, and it employs approximately 140 employees.  The City’s Information Technology (IT) Department consists of a Chief Information Officer and two technicians, a Network & Systems Technician and a Desktop Technician.  The IT Department provides services to all of the City’s departments, and IT provides a broad range of services such as hardware and software acquisition, oversight of the City’s many technology vendors, maintenance of systems, and network administration. 
In addition, IT staff provides support to desktop users regarding hardware and many software applications.  The IT Department currently maintains 147 desktops, 70 laptops, 83 printers, and 127 third party applications.  IT staff also manages the City’s data storage, consisting of approximately 2,200 gigabytes of data.  The City of West Linn IT Department is constantly striving to provide high quality service in creative and unique ways that allows for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 
Scope of Services
West Linn seeks a contracted Chief Information Officer (CIO) to manage the evolution of the City’s information technology (IT) operations while improving the effectiveness of the current staff and investment.   
West Linn seeks continued, high-level IT system stability, department transparency, and leadership on best practices in this constantly changing industry. The CIO is part of the executive management team.  The CIO will put forth and implement plans to enhance network best practices, develop a technology roadmap for the City, and manage day-to-day IT Department operations and staff. 
The CIO will work in conjunction with the existing City of West Linn IT staff to perform the following:
• Serve on the executive management team to identify, recommend, and develop a strategic IT roadmap utilizing cost-effective in-house solutions, as well as outsourced technology solutions.
• Engage department level managers regularly in continuous improvement of business process and information technology systems.
• Streamline the operations of the IT department in alignment with the business objectives of the organization.
• Provide IT department representation and leadership to the City of West Linn in private and public forums.
• Manage the resources of the IT Department including: life cycle management of hardware/software, activities of existing IT staff, strategic vendors and the information technology budget.
• Establish performance metrics for information technology vendors and IT Department staff.
• Review, analyze and design the City of West Linn’s best practices for current and future  technology needs.
Contract Duration
The term of the awarded contract will be for a period of 2 years, with two potential extensions of 2 years each, for a possible total duration of 6 years.
Application Requirements
In order to maintain the fairness and integrity of the selection process, it is important that proposals conform to the requirements of this section. Any information that is not specifically requested must be submitted separately as supplemental materials; supplemental materials are in addition to the application requirements and such materials may not be submitted in lieu of any of the requirements listed below.  Please number your responses to correspond with the numbers below:
1. Name, address, title, telephone, and e-mail address of the person who would be responsible for the City contract.
2. Provide a statement indicating the terms of your proposal will be valid for a minimum period of 180 days.
3. List the names, experience, professional qualifications and any certifications of the individuals who would be assigned to the City contract. Indicate whether you and/or your firm are licensed in Oregon.  Indicate the size and scope of your firm and the services.
4. State the reasons why your firm is particularly qualified to serve the City of West Linn given the “Background” and “Scope of Services” included in this announcement and any performance data you may have that establishes or supports your qualifications.  Specify the number of on-site and off-site hours you estimate would be necessary to provide the requested services.
5. Provide at least three references and contact information.
6. All applications submitted must contain a statement disclosing or denying any interest, financial or otherwise, that any employee or official of the City of West Linn may have in the proposing agency or proposed project.
7. If there are any requirements or provisions contained in this Announcement that you believe are unfair, prejudicial, or limit competition, please explain your position.
Selection Procedure
1. Applications.  The City will accept applications until Monday, April 22, 2013, at noon.  The application must include all the requirements listed above; however, fee and compensation information shall not be submitted as part of the application.  Compensation information shall only be submitted after the successful applicant is selected.
2. Initial Screening.  The Assistant City Manager shall evaluate the qualifications of all applicants responding to the announcement by the closing date and select at least three applicants to interview.  Each applicant that meets the minimum qualifications will receive an interview if there are less than three applicants.
3. Interviews.  The Assistant City Manager will interview all selected applicants to determine capability, experience, and qualifications before making a final selection.
4. Recommendation.  The Assistant City Manager will make a recommendation to the City Council, in its capacity as the Local Contract Review Board (LCRB), for award of the contract based on the application and the interview.
5. Applicant Selection and Compensation Negotiations.   After approval of the applicant by the LCRB, the City will enter negotiations with the selected applicant regarding compensation, including hourly rates, expenses, overhead, or other related pricing mechanisms.  If necessary, the City and the selected applicant shall also refine the scope of services and negotiate any additional conditions.
6. Contract Execution.  If the City and the selected applicant reach an agreement, the selected applicant will execute a professional services contract in substantially the same form as the contract attached to this announcement.  However, if an agreement cannot be reached, the City may enter into negotiations with the next most qualified applicant.
Evaluation Criteria
Evaluation Criteria Weight
1.  Experience/ Project (Service) Team Ability to successfully deliver the scope of services on time 25%
2.  Project Management Methodology 20%
3.  Availability of onsite and offsite support 20%
4.  Budgeting – management of materials and services budget 15%
5.  Licensing, professional training and certification 10%
6.  Adherence to specified application format 10%

Anticipated TimelineThe proposed timeline is subject to change at the City’s sole discretion.
• All applications must be submitted by April 22, 2013, at noon.
• Review of applications will begin the week of April 22, 2013.
• Applicants will be contacted for interviews the week of April 29, 2013.
• The selected applicant will be recommended to the LCRB at the May 13, 2013, Council Meeting.
• Compensation negotiations and execution of contract will take place following the May 13, 2013, meeting.
Sample Contract
A copy of the contract the selected contractor will be required to sign is available online here:
and is watermarked “Sample.” The contract terms will include the scope of services and any special terms and conditions. The contract is not negotiable. Submission of a proposal constitutes agreement to the terms of the contract.
Please email a copy of your application responding to this announcement no later than April 22, 2013, at noon to with the subject line “Proposal for Chief Information Officer Contract Services.”
Submittals are due on or before noon on April 22, 2013.  Only email submissions will be received.  The date stamp on the email will reflect the time your submittal is received by the City of West Linn