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HIDDEN SPRINGS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION DRAFT MINUTES MEETING OF JULY 15, 2008 CALL TO ORDER. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM at the West Linn Adult Community Center by President, Lynn C. Fox. Other officers in attendance: Charles Lytle, Secretary. QUORUM DATA. There were a total of 48 members in attendance at the January and February 2008 meetings, therefore the quorum was 5. There were 9 members at the start of the meeting (9 total). MINUTES OF THE JUNE 20, 2008 MEETING. There being no additions or corrections, President Fox declared the minutes approved as submitted. TREASURER’S REPORT. There was no treasurer’s report. POLICE REPORT. There was no police officer present at the meeting. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Roberta Schwartz, representing Neighbors for a Livable West Linn, announced a fund raising auction to be held at 2206 Tannler Drive, Friday August 1st, 7-11 PM. She distributed flyers and a list of consigned auction items. She also reported that the Savannah Oaks (ne Tanner Basin) NA had passed two resolutions: one opposing the formation of a CCI and one opposing any dilution of the City’s primary water rights on the Clackamas River. She urged that Hidden Springs NA do the same. Copies of both resolutions were circulated. OLD BUSINESS. 1) Bicycle Blvd. President Fox reported that although Dennis Wright, city engineer, advised her that DKS Consulting has removed the Bicycle Boulevard designation from Pimilico (see June meeting minutes), it is still in the plan as of this date. The draft plan will be before the Planning Commission at their July 16th meeting, and is scheduled to be before Council sometime in August. 2) Neighborhood ID Plaques. President Fox reported that, after all the consensus work by the HSNA and the work with the City Engineer, the plan to purchase and install the plaques has been delayed because other NAs now want to participate. President Lynn Fox called for volunteers to work with the HSNA Board to facilitate completion of the plaque ID Project since all the preliminary work has been done (identifying sign time, intersections, cost, etc.) by City staff and HSNA volunteers. 3) 19650 Suncrest Drive. A six unit Planned Unit Development is proposed for this area that borders the Marylhurst Neighborhood Association. Lynn Fox attended the preap meeting and the developer and his representative expressed some concerns regarding the size of one of the lots but because a map of the proposed lots lines was not presented at the meeting, the applicant’s exact concerns were unclear. All documentation that the city made available was presented for people to examine. The applicant indicated they wished to have the neighborhood meeting as soon as possible so they will probably wish to present their plans at the August 19, 2008 HSNA meeting. NEW BUSINESS. 1) Proposed Commission For Citizen Involvement (CCI). President Fox outlined the definition of a CCI and the apparent reasons the current Council wants to establish one. The salient point is this Council’s concept that a newly-formed CCI, made up exclusively of Council appointees, would serve as a gatekeeper for all issues brought forward by the NAs. The CCI would “consider” the various positions and wishes of the NAs and then “rule” on which ones it felt were “appropriate” for transmission to the Council. Apparently, it would not matter that resolutions had been voted on in a democratic process at open, public meetings. Neighborhood Association advisory resolutions would no longer be considered by the Council and or the planning commission as stipulated in the Municipal Code. The CCI would function as a “board of censors,” with the power to ignore advisory resolutions of NA memberships and squash any resolution that it didn’t feel was “appropriate” or which it simply didn’t like. This would have the opposite effect of the original concept of the CCI and reduce informed citizen participation in the planning process. President Fox has been advised by Lake Oswego residents that City Manager Jordan previously used this same tactic to remove citizen representation by NAs in Lake Oswego. The following motion was made by Charles Lytle and seconded by Richard Burkhartsmeier: “Resolved that the HSNA opposes the ordinance modifying Section 2.085 of the West Linn municipal code to establish a Commission For Citizen Involvement (CCI). Of the 17 incorporated cities in Clackamas County, none has a CCI as proposed in this ordinance. The process for citizen involvement should be left as it is, and the NAs should be allowed to give more direct input in land use decision making. The HSNA notes that a representative of the statewide Goal One Coalition stated that ‘…the CCI should be the Planning Commission. If the City [of West Linn] wants some other type of CCI, it should have a specific focus and a specific time frame with which to do the work directed by Council, with a public report back to Council.’ The HSNA urges that, if such a project oriented CCI is contemplated, the CCI should be made up of elected officers from all 11 NAs. HSNA also notes that the proposed ordinance is vague and unclear and has not been developed cooperatively with the NAs.” The motion passed 7 – 0 – 0. 2) Meeting of NA Presidents With City Consultant On The Stafford Triangle. President Fox reported on a meeting recently held in which all NA presidents were invited to attend. Prior to the meeting, City staff refused to explain the purpose of the meeting or provide an agenda to President Fox. At the meeting, she learned the purpose of the meeting was to gain the opinion of the NA presidents on development of the Stafford Triangle. President Fox stated that the neighborhood presidents were concerned that they had not had the opportunity to present the consultant’s questions to the membership but were expected to know what the membership would want. All present seemed to think that the City should stay out of the Triangle and let those living there determine its fate. Consultant, Martha DeLong advised Fox that the responses from the NA presidents reflected the same concerns as the other focus groups she had met with. Most present also were concerned because Council and City staff denied them advance knowledge of the real purpose of the meeting and the time necessary to get NA membership input. The tone of the meeting was one of disappointment with lack of discussion regarding West Linn issues and concern regarding the focus on the Stafford area and the Hamlet. GUEST SPEAKERS 1) Juanita Hemphill, Friends of Palomino Loop Trail. Juanita explained that the Parks Department is preparing a West Linn Trails Master Plan. She noted that portions of the Palomino Loop trail remain unfinished and that many homeowners have built fences, installed structures, planted gardens, piled trash and debris, and otherwise have impinged on public areas of the trail. She urged that the HSNA pass a resolution in support of the Friends efforts. Ingrid Mueller made the following motion, seconded by Juergen Mueller: “Resolved that the HSNA requests that the City of West Linn advise all property owners adjacent to the Palomino Loop Trail, also known as the Equestrian Trail, to remove all fences, gardens, structures, playground equipment, stored boats, ladders, private property, yard debris, building debris, or debris of any kind, play or personal items of any kind stored or constructed on the public property known as the Palomino Loop Trail, sometimes referred to as the Equestrian Trail, within thirty (30) days of the date of notice mailed by the City of West Linn and that said letter be sent with thirty (30) days following deliver of this resolution to the City Council.” The motion passed on a vote of 7 – 1 – 0. 2) Gary Hitesman. Gary gave a PowerPoint presentation on the proposed (but already a work in progress) lot division along Trillium Creek close to the Cedar Oak school. The owner has already done major work on the site without any permits. The proposed lot division was denied by the Planning Commission. This decision was overturned by Planning Director Brian Brown, under new CDC rules recently passed by the Council. This decision has been appealed to the City Council by the Robinwood NA, and the presentation outlined a number of violations of City code, METRO rules, etc. NEXT MEETING DATE IS AUGUST 19, 2008. ADJOURNMENT. There being no other business to come before the membership, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM by President Lynn C. Fox. Recorded by HSNA Secretary Charles Lytle.