Street Fee for Commercial Properties

How is the street maintenance fee calculated? The street maintenance fee is calculated based on the number of trips associated with a commercial property. How are the number of trips calculated? Per trip calculation for commercial properties is calculated using trip generation rates for various types of development as provided in the Trip Generation Manual of the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE). Business establishments have the opportunity to review and modify data used in the trip calculation formula. What is the formula for trip calculation? (Square footage / 1,000) x ITE Factor = Number of Trips What is the per trip charge? There is a flat $4.40 charge for businesses that generate 49 or fewer trips. Businesses with between 50 and 250 trips are charged $0.49 per trip. Number of trips between 250 and 500 trips are charged $0.59 per trip. Number of trips exceeding 500 trips are charged $0.69 per trip, with a maximum cap of $440.00. I disagree with my property’s trip calculation data. What are my options? The City of West Linn will gladly work with local businesses if the square footage or ITE factor is erroneous. These variables can be adjusted if necessary to calculate an accurate trip count for commercial properties in West Linn. Please call 503-723-2525 or email with you questions or concerns.