Ballot Measure 3-430 Charter Change Related to Elections

Ballot Measure 3-430 to be submitted to the City's voters on September 17, 2013. Resolution 2013-12: Calls election to amend charter concerning filing of vacancies  CAPTION Charter amendment to fill vacancies at May and November elections QUESTION Shall the City amend the City Charter to allow vacancies to be filled at May and November elections? SUMMARY The Charter provides the process for filling vacancies for the offices of the Mayor, Council, and Municipal Judge.  The Charter currently requires vacancies that have one or more years left in the term to be filled at the next special election; special elections are held each year in March and September. The City is required to pay the cost of all special elections and May and November elections in odd numbered years.  Additionally, elections of candidates running for expired terms occur during November elections in even numbered years.  Under the current charter provisions this can result in two elections for city positions within two months of each other in even numbered years.  The proposed amendment would result in all elections being held in either May or November.