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05/19/2014 City Council meeting Follow-up Information on Financial Software Water Resource Area Map WRA presentation Water Resource Area Information Financial Software presentation
06-2015 Second quarterly newsletter
06/02/2014 City Council special meeting Ordinance 1622 Information Ordinance 1624 Information Ordinance 1626 Information UAB Water Rate Recommendation Information
06/16/2014 City Council special meeting Annexation Information Asphalt Information CCI Information Concrete Information MFC Information Water Resource Area Information
07/07/2014 City Council work session Arch Bridge-Bolton presentation Arch Bridge-Bolton progress report Bolton Reservoir design scope and fee CCI resolution bylaws redlined City Manager Memo EDC recommendation on commercial SMF increase
07/14/2014 City Council Meeting Bland Circle annexation information Bolton Reservoir information Committee for Citizen Involvement resolution Old Time Fair court proclamation Ordinance 1627 Rosemont annexation information Weatherhill Road annexation information
08/04/2014 City Council Work Session Future Transit Southwest Handout SAB Information Trails Master Plan On Street Route Priority List TriMet Presentation
08/11/2014 City Council Meeting Ballot Measure to Approve Pedestrian and Bike Improvements Along Skyline Drive CCI Information Contract Award for Bland-Rosemont Intertie Water Linn Franchise to Clackamas County for Dark Fiber Optic Cable Network NA Merger Information On-street Routes Priority List Associated With the Trails Master Plan Ordinance Restricting Firearms and Dangerous Weapons in City Buildings Rosemont Reservoir Cell Tower Leases
2007 Parks Recreation & Open Space Master Plan 2007 Parks Recreation and Open Space Master Plan 2007 Parks Recreation and Open Space Master Plan - Appedices
2012/06/07 SONA Meeting 2012-06-07 Minutes
2012/07/03 Savanna Oaks NA Meeting 2012-07-03 Minutes
2012/08/07 Savanna Oaks NA Meeting 2012-08-07 Minutes
2012/09/04 Savanna Oaks NA Meeting 2012-09-04 Minutes
2012/10/02 Savanna Oaks NA Meeting 2012-10-02 Minutes
2012/11/06 Savanna Oaks NA Meeting 2012-11-06 Minutes
2012/12/04 Savanna Oaks NA Meeting 2012-12-04 Minutes
2013 Year-End City Council Goals Wrap Up Year in Review - Goals Update December Update
2013/12/03 Savanna Oaks NA Meeting 2013-12-03 Minutes Resolution in supprt of keeping existing zoning 12-03-13
2014 Annual Report 2014 Annual Reports
2014 Community Survey Results 2014 Community Survey Final Report 2014 Community Survey Web Results
2015 City Council Goals
2015 Park Irrigation 2015 Parks Irrigation 2015 Parks Irrigation
59th Annual West Linn Old Time Fair Court Teddy Bear Collection
Accessory Structures accessory_structures_for_web.pdf
Adult Community Center Rental Adult Community Center Rental Policy Adult Community Center Brochure Adult Community Center Rental Agreement and Fees
April 2014 Newsletter april_1_2014.pdf
Arch Bridge/Bolton Area Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Amendments Draft Arch Bridge/Bolton Engagement Plan 08-18-2015 West Linn Arch Bridge/Bolton Schedule 2015-08-11
Arch Bridge/Bolton Walking Tours Walking Tour Map Walking Tour Survey Results
August 2014 Newsletter August 2014 Newsletter
Available Industrial & Commerical Properties Available commercial properties
Barrington Heights NA Bylaws Barrington Heights NA Bylaws
Behavior Policy
BN 2015 Adopted Budget Adopted Budget (changes only) Approved Budget (changes only) Proposed Budget for the 2014-2015 Biennium Issues and Options Papers Q and As (Discussed May 6, 2013)
BN 2017 Adopted Budget Adopted Budget (changes only) can be downloaded here Approved Budget (changes only) can be downloaded here Proposed Budget for 2016-2017 can be downloaded here Issues and Options Paper (Round 3 - Adopted) Issues and Options Paper (Round 2 - Approved) Issues and Options Paper (Round 1)
Bolton NA Bylaws Bolton NA Bylaws approved July 2015
Bolton NA Meeting Bolton NA Arch Bridge Resolution 2014-11-17
Bolton Reservoir Facts and Background Bolton Reservoir Condition Bolton Reservoir Conceptual Siting Analysis Water System Master Plan 2008 Bolton Reservoir Alternative Siting Report Oregon City Courier 7-1-1915 Oregon City Enterprise 12-17-1915
Bolton Reservoir Siting Alternative Analysis Bolton Reservoir Siting Alternatives Analysis
CANCELED: Economic Development Committee Meeting 2014 West Linn City Council Goals
Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Library Addendum (Adopted April 2012)
Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Capital Improvement Plan document (2016-2021) PRIOR: Capital Improvement Plan document (2014-2019) PRIOR: Capital Improvement Plan document (2012-2017) Library Addendum (Adopted April 2012)
City Council 07/13/2015 Meeting Recap 1344 14th Street Information
City Council Adopts Biennial Budget Download the 2010-2011 Biennial Budget here
City Council recap of 01/12/2015 meeting Damascus IGA TSP CAC Resolution
City Council recap of 04/13/2015 meeting Emergency Intertie Information RES 2015-05 Budget Adjustment Information
City Council recap of 08/03/2015 meeting 2015 Business Needs and Economic Development Study
City Council recap of 08/10/2015 meeting Bolton Reservoir Information Community Grant Information Ordinance No. 1638 Historic District Zone Amendment Ordinance No. 1640 Comcast Franchise Agreement
City Council recap of 10/13/2014 meeting Transportation System Plan Information