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City Council recap of 04/13/2015 meeting PDF icon Emergency Intertie InformationPDF icon RES 2015-05 Budget Adjustment Information
City Council recap of 08/03/2015 meeting Office presentation icon 2015 Business Needs and Economic Development Study
City Council recap of 08/10/2015 meeting PDF icon Bolton Reservoir InformationPDF icon Community Grant InformationPDF icon Ordinance No. 1638 Historic District Zone AmendmentPDF icon Ordinance No. 1640 Comcast Franchise Agreement
City Council recap of 10/13/2014 meeting PDF icon Transportation System Plan Information
City Council recap of 11/10/2014 meeting PDF icon PUD and infill code amendments informationPDF icon Street Fee Increase InformationPDF icon Surplus Property InformationPDF icon TVF&R Fire Prevention Code
City Council recap of 12/15/14 special meeting PDF icon RES 2014-20 Arch Bridge InformationPDF icon Salary and Benefits for Management and Non-represented EmployeesPDF icon Testimony received for Arch Bridge-Bolton PlanPDF icon Willamette Falls Locks Resolution
City Council recap of April 14 regular meeting PDF icon Arch Bridge/Bolton area studyPDF icon Marijuana facilities map
City Council recap of April 21 meeting and work session PDF icon Code enforcement and uniform administrative appeals ordinancePDF icon Contract award for Fields Bridge Park parking lotPDF icon Docket of CDC and comp plan amendmentsPDF icon Economic development regulatory streamlining projectPDF icon Police station project management contract addendum
City Council recap of April 7 work session PDF icon Marijuana facilities map
City Council recap of May 5 work session PDF icon Stafford Hamlet BylawsPDF icon Stafford Hamlet Values and VisionPDF icon WRA OverviewPDF icon WRA PowerPointPDF icon Annexation PowerPoint
City Credit Ratings PDF icon Annual Sector Outlook for US Local Governments (Moody's Feb 2010)PDF icon US State and Local Governments Remain Inherently Resilient (Moody's Feb 2010)PDF icon Understanding Standard & Poor's Rating System (June 2009)PDF icon Aa3 Moody's Rating Notice Letter (Jun 2006)PDF icon AA- Standard & Poor's Credit Affirmed Notice (Dec 2008)PDF icon Aa2 Moody's Credit Recalibration (May 2010)PDF icon AA Standard & Poor's Credit Upgrade (Aug 2010)PDF icon Aa2 Moody's Rating Notice Letter (Aug 2011)PDF icon S&P Local Government Ratings report (Aug 2011)PDF icon AA Standard & Poor's Rating Report (Jan 2012)PDF icon Aa2 Moody's Rating Report (Jan 2012)PDF icon S&P GO Bond Rating Criteria (Sept 2013)PDF icon AA+ S&P Upgrade Rating Report (Nov 2015)
Committee for Citizen Involvement PDF icon Discussed Code ChangesPDF icon Original Proposed Code Changes: Councilor MartinPDF icon Proposed Code Discussion Points: MartinPDF icon CDC Code 2009
Comprehensive Plan and Neighborhood Plans PDF icon Comprehensive Plan - Updated 11/9/16PDF icon Bolton Neighborhood Plan - 2006PDF icon Marylhurst Neighborhood Plan - 2006PDF icon Parker Crest Neighborhood Plan - 2006PDF icon Robinwood Neighborhood Plan - 2008PDF icon Sunset Neighborhood Plan - 2008PDF icon Tanner Basin Neighborhood Plan - 2007PDF icon Willamette Neighborhood Plan - 2003
Computer Use Policy
Contact City Council PDF icon Council President Perry Meet and GreetsPDF icon Coffee with Councilor Marting_2017
Current Fee Schedule PDF icon All City Fees and Charges (eff. July 1, 2016)PDF icon Table of ContentsPDF icon Administrative ChargesPDF icon General InformationPDF icon Building Fees (general)PDF icon Building Fees (excise SFWB and Tri-City)PDF icon GIS Map FeesPDF icon Library FeesPDF icon Parks Recreation and Facility FeesPDF icon Planning FeesPDF icon Police FeesPDF icon Public Works FeesPDF icon Systems Development Charges (eff. July 2016)PDF icon Utility Rates and Charges (eff. July 2016)
Dec. 1, 2014, city council work session/special meeting recap PDF icon Arch Bridge Master PlanPDF icon School District Appeal Information
December 2013 Newsletter PDF icon december_1_2013_web.pdf
December 2014 Newsletter PDF icon December 2014 Newsletter
Deck Code Update PDF icon r502.2_deck_code_update_7-11.pdf
Drinking Water Quality Reports PDF icon 2016 ReportPDF icon 2015 ReportPDF icon 2014 ReportPDF icon 2013 ReportPDF icon 2012 ReportPDF icon 2011 ReportPDF icon 2010 ReportPDF icon 2009 ReportPDF icon 2007 ReportPDF icon 2006 ReportPDF icon 2005 Report
Earthquake Preparedness PDF icon Living on Shaky GroundPDF icon How to Prepare for an EarthquakePDF icon Prepare Your Organization for an Earthquake
Economic Development Focus Group Study Office presentation icon Economic Development Focus Group Study
Economic Development Plan PDF icon Economic Development Plan
Economic Development Strategy PDF icon Economic Development Strategy
Economic Opportunities Analysis Office presentation icon EOA PresentationPDF icon west_linn_eoa_adopted_081016.pdfPDF icon goal_9_edits_-_exhibit_b_081016.pdf
EDC Orientation PDF icon EDC Orientation
Emergency Contacts PDF icon Printable Emergency Contacts List
Emergency Operations Plan PDF icon West Linn EOP Full Plan May 2012 Final
Facts & Figures
February 2014 Newsletter PDF icon february_1_2014.pdf
Financial Forecasting PDF icon CURRENT: Five Year Financial Forecast (FY 2015 ~ FY 2019)PDF icon PRIOR: Five Year Financial Forecast (FY 2013 ~ FY 2017)PDF icon PRIOR: Five Year Financial Forecast (FY 2012 ~ FY 2016)PDF icon PRIOR: Five Year Financial Forecast (FY 2010 ~ FY 2014)PDF icon Report on Challenges of Financial Sustainability for Oregon Cities (May 2008)PDF icon PowerPoint on Challenges of Financial Sustainability for Oregon Cities (May 2008)PDF icon Fiscal Challenges for Oregon Cities (Sept 2011)PDF icon State of Oregon Cities (Jan 2014)PDF icon Building a Financially Resilient Government through Long Term Financial Planning
Fines Schedule
Franchise Fee Agreements PDF icon West Linn Disposal and Recycling Franchise Agreement (expires June 2017)PDF icon PGE Franchise Agreement (expires Feb 2023)PDF icon NW Natural Franchise Fee Agreement (expires Jun 2012)PDF icon Kelly Drop Box Franchise Agreement (expires Jun 2020)PDF icon CenturyLink Franchise Fee Agreement (expires Dec 2020)PDF icon Comcast Franchise Agreement (expires Jun 2025)
Fundraising on City Property Permit PDF icon Fundraising on City Propoerty Permit
GFOA Awards PDF icon Frequently Asked Questions about International GFOA Finance Awards
Help the WLPD Give Back This Holiday Season PDF icon WLPD Shoe Drive PDF icon Christmas Flyer
Hidden Springs NA Meeting PDF icon Hidden Springs NA Meeting 2015-08-18 Minutes
I-205 Abernethy Bridge Paving Project
Imagine West Linn PDF icon Imagine West Linn
Introduction to Biennial Budgeting Office presentation icon Biennial Budgeting (Mar 2009)
January 2014 Newsletter PDF icon january_1_2014.pdf
January 2015 Newsletter PDF icon January 2015 Newsletter
July 2014 Newsletter PDF icon July 2014 Newsletter
June 2014 Newsletter PDF icon June 2014 Newsletter
Lake Oswego/Tigard Water Partnership PDF icon January Schedule Update for LOT Project
Lead Based Paint PDF icon clbprc20work20standards.pdf
Library Advisory Board - CANCELED
Local Community Growth Aspirations PDF icon local_apirations_letter_-_2-3-09.pdf