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City of West Linn RSS Feeds

Use RSS to get automatic web content updates from the City. What’s RSS? RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an easy way for you to be automatically updated on featured web content from the City of West Linn. If you are familiar with RSS, then please choose the feeds you are interested in from our rich selection of RSS feeds. Single click subscription is available for several Web-based readers. New to RSS? RSS puts you in control of the information you want delivered to your desktop. You can subscribe to RSS feeds from multiple Web sites, scan through all their latest headlines in one place and directly access content of interest with a single click. How do I use RSS? There are many different ways to take advantage of RSS feeds: * as a separate desktop application * programs that integrate with MS Outlook * programs that integrate with Instant Messaging * as part of a Web-based service (e.g. MyYahoo!, personalized Google homepage, MyMSN etc.) * some browsers, including Firefox, Opera & Safari automatically support RSS, without the need to paste the feed url into a separate reader. There are a range of different newsreaders; many of which are free to install. Choose a reader from those listed at Google Directory. How can I sign up to an RSS feed from the City of West Linn? Once your news reader is installed, follow these three steps: Step 1. Click on a City of West Linn feed you are interested in from the our RSS feeds selection page. Step 2. Copy the URL that appears in the address bar of this page. Step 3. Follow the instructions from your reader program to add this XML feed to your RSS list.