Bear Sighting at West Linn High School

WEST LINN - 2:00 update: The search for the West Linn bear is over.  WLHS students are advised to steer clear of Wilderness Park and the Camassia Natural Area for the next few days. *** 11:30 update from Principal Lou Bailey:   Dear WLHS Parents: The bear sighting occurred in Wilderness park behind the baseball and football fields. OSP and ODFW were immediately notified and are on site, but they have not tracked the bear. At no time did the bear come on to campus. This morning I did an announcement to all students telling them to stay clear of Camassia Nature Park and Wilderness Park. Please talk with your student about taking the necessary precautions to stay clear of this area. Sincerely, Lou Bailey, Principal *** The West Linn Police Department is responding to reports of a bear at West Linn High School. Please stay tuned to the City's Facebook page, Twitter feed, and web site for more updates as they become available. ###