Street Maintenance Fee Calculator

The West Linn City Council is considering an increase in the Street Maintenance Fee (SMF).  As part of their analysis, staff developed the attached SMF Calculator, which allows the user to plug in a percentage increase for each of the next five years for the SMF.  The calculator then shows what each homeowner will pay monthly in SMF fees; indicates how much revenue the City will collect; and the list of streets that can be maintained with that amount of revenue. This Excel tool will be used at the City Council meeting on Monday as the Council discusses various options for the SMF and transportation investments. As a reminder - the project list is rank ordered based on Pavement Condition Index (PCI).  It is a representation of fixing the “worst first” with differing levels of investment.  The actual project list and completion order would be dependent upon the professional opinions of the Public Works team and project planning and management.  This Excel tool is designed to paint a realistic picture of what varying levels of investment would result in for West Linn's streets and resulting PCI.