Skype With Mike' Aims to Connect Citizens With Councilor Jones Using Skype Technology

WEST LINN - The City of West Linn is pleased to offer 'Skype With Mike' on the following dates in July and August: July 15, Noon - 1:00 August 5, Noon - 1:00 August 19, Noon - 1:00 Following in the successful footsteps of Councilor Jenni Tan's monthly coffee dates at coffee shops around West Linn, Councilor Mike Jones seeks to connect with citizens about different West Linn issues using Skype technology.   Citizens who would like to speak with Councilor Jones during 'Skype With Mike' times should add Skype user name CityOfWestLinn to their Skype accounts, log in during the specified times, and call Skype user name CityOfWestLinn.  Video calling is encouraged.  Skype offers a free download of the software.  Calls will be answered on a first-come, first-serve basis. The West Linn City Council's unanimously adopted priorities for this year include citizen communications and outreach, with an understanding that "...civic engagement is measured by more than attendance at public meetings and now includes technology, social media, and other opportunities that promote involvement with city affairs."   Connecting with citizens via Skype allows for people who are unable to schedule face-to-face meetings due to work or prior committments to have the same opportunities to meet and share information with Councilor Mike Jones. If the July and August 'Skype With Mike' sessions are successful, they will be continued through the fall and winter.  In addition, this technology may be used for different types of citizen outreach on various City projects. ###