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2012 Council Priorities

Unanimously approved on February 27, 2012:

The West Linn City Council will work together on the following five priorities and related outcome statements in the upcoming biennium:

Economic Development - The City Council will provide Economic Development Leadership and an Economic Development Strategy by the end of the year.

  • Meet with economic development experts to learn about the process and tools that are available to create more viable and sustainable economic development.
  • Coordinate with the Economic Development Committee.
  • Allocate resources to support dedicated staff to manage an economic development plan that reflects the Highway 43/Willamette Falls Drive visioning process.

Community Aquatic/Recreation Center - The City Council will work with the Aquatic Center Task Force to determine the optimal financing arrangement, physical configuration, and timing to send a bond measure to a vote.

  • Continue review of public/private partnerships and report to the Aquatic Center Task Force.
  • Discuss decision making process and timeline with the Aquatic Center Task Force.
  • Conduct detailed community survey that includes information about preferred partnership alternatives.
  • Receive recommendation from Task Force regarding partnership and possible timing of a bond measure.

Blue Heron Property - The City Council will create a Master Plan for the former Blue Heron property.

  • Determine opportunities and constraints by April 2012.
  • Establish a task force with clear direction to draft and recommend a master plan.
  • Complete citizen involvement and master plan process.
  • Receive and review a Master Plan recommended by the task force.
  • Form an agreement with the County and adopt the master plan.

Water Infrastructure - The City Council will determine a preferred alternative to secure funding to replace the Bolton Reservoir and/or for ongoing maintenance needs by June 30, 2012.

  • Meet with representatives of the Utility Advisory Board (UAB) and Finance Department to discuss UAB recommendation.
  • Develop a survey exploring finance and strategic options.
  • Appoint a citizens task force with clear direction to gather additional information, educate the community and provide recommendations to the Council.

Police Station - The City Council will ensure the community receives maximum value for the Police Station bond.

  • Steering Committee appointed to provide advice to project team and City Council.
  • Receive quarterly updates from the Steering Committee and act on recommendations.

The West Linn City Council also identifies the following four emerging community issues, and provides direction to the community and staff on these issues:

2013 Centennial Celebration
• City staff will assist with the long-range planning process for this event and work closely with the volunteer planning committee.
• City will provide reasonable funding for advertising and August 15, 2013 celebration.

Long Term Financial Stability
• City staff will engage the community in a discussion of alternative revenues for increasing long term financial viability.

• Council will continue to oppose development.