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2011 Council Priorities

Unanimously approved on February 14, 2011:

The West Linn City Council will work together on the following five priorities and related outcome statements in the upcoming biennium:
Public Safety Facility

  • In the next 30 days, the City Council will facilitate the formation and leadership of a political action committee (PAC) in support of a ballot measure on this topic.
  • In the next 60 days, City staff will prepare a report to the City Council with an analysis of potential public safety facility sites.
  • By November 2011, the City Council will be prepared to pass a ballot measure funding a public safety facility.

Stafford Strategy

  • The City of West Linn will continue to support the preservation of the rural nature of the Stafford area as a buffer between surrounding cities.
  • The City of West Linn will work on this issue with surrounding cities and regional partners.
  • Litigation will be successful, and the Stafford area will be designated as a rural reserve.

Comprehensive Plan/Community Vision
Highway 43/Willamette Falls Drive

  • City staff will develop an action plan and initiate the citizen visioning process for a targeted Comprehensive Plan change affecting Highway 43 and Willamette Falls Drive.
  • The City Council and staff will actively communicate this process with the community so there is understanding about the vision and involvement in the process.
  • The City will work with regional governments to achieve a satisfactory ownership and maintenance agreement for transportation corridors.

Political Advocacy & Citizen Engagement

  • 2011 will yield a communications and outreach strategy that engages residents, leading to knowledge, trust and involvement by a diverse group of informed citizens.
  • This plan will result in a knowledgeable, trusting, and diverse representation of our citizens who are poised to become dynamic future leaders of West Linn.
  • Civic engagement is measured by more than attendance at public meetings and now includes technology, social media, and other opportunities that promote involvement with city affairs.

Water Infrastructure Maintenance

  • The Utility Advisory Board will recommend a plan to the City Council for maintaining, upgrading and sustaining the West Linn water system.

The West Linn City Council also identifies the following four emerging community issues, and provides direction to the community and staff on these issues:

Aquatic Community Center

  • A ballot measure regarding the aquatic community center will be on a future ballot pending the successful outcome of the public safety facility measure.
  • The City Council designates Councilors Tan and Cummings to converse with potential partners, the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board and the Aquatic Community Center Taskforce on this issue.

Public Art Process

  • The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board will suggest a new process regarding public art for City Council consideration.

2013 Centennial Celebration:

  • City staff will assist with the long-range planning process for this event and work closely with the volunteer planning committee.


  • Sustainability should be incorporated into all City processes moving forward; sustainability is integral to the West Linn culture. Sustainability is how we do business.