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2014 City Council Goals

Unanimously Adopted on January 27, 2014


Provide greater equity in street maintenance resources by adopting a revised commercial street maintenance fee.

  • Receive a commercial street fee recommendation from the Economic Development Committee (February 2014).
  • Economic Development Committee engages local businesses on the topic, including those affected by the cap increase (by May 2014).
  • City Council review and adopts revised commercial street maintenance fee (June 2014).

Implement the Master Trails Plan to enhance the health of West Linn and our recreational opportunities.

  • City Council adopts a Transportation Advisory Board-recommended trails/pathways capital improvement plan (CIP) (May 2014).
  • Begin design and construction of the top tier identified projects from the trails/pathway CIP (Summer 2014).

Begin Transportation System Plan analysis and engagement to comply with regional requirements and to create economic development opportunities.

  • Initiate the Transportation System Plan (TSP) and engage the community (this goal will take 12-18 months to complete).



Continue to engage West Linn citizens in conversations about the water system.

  • Share information with community members so they can learn more about why water system investment is a critical need (by June 2014).
  • Gather information from community members so the City can understand their preferences and attitudes about system investment (by June 2014).

Determine the need and levels of support for a one-time increased investment in the West Linn water system.

  • Receive a recommendation from the Utility Advisory Board (UAB) on a proposed water rate structure that will sufficiently fund system maintenance and operations in accordance with the Water Master Plan (May 2014).
  • Receive approval from West Linn voters to complete the Bolton Reservoir and remainder of required water pipe projects (November 2014).

Initiate the design, land use and citizen engagement process for the Bolton Reservoir.

  • Begin outreach and facilitation to affected neighbors on the Bolton Reservoir project, relying on modern communications and outreach tools to engage the community (ongoing).


Economic Development

Adopt a master plan for the redevelopment of the Arch Bridge area.

  • Appoint a citizen feedback team and engage the neighborhood and community in a grassroots, proactive way (through June 2014).
  • Adopt a Master Plan that will not include ordinances for CDC or Comprehensive Plan changes (September 2014).
  • Initiate Comprehensive Plan and CDC changes to complete the Master Plan (October 2014).
  • Support efforts for National and State Heritage Area designations (ongoing).

Continue efforts to update & improve the Community Development Code.

  • Adopt Regulatory Streamlining initiative(s) and begin with legislative changes related to highest priority initiatives (April 2014).
  • Evaluate the process and engage the Planning Commission for updating all or part of the CDC via a code audit (May 2014).

Support efforts to enhance the Willamette Main Street area.

  • Conduct research, including financial and engineering studies, to determine the impact for a local improvement district or other funding mechanisms for streetlights and banner arms in the Willamette Main Street area (May 2014).


Citizen Engagement

Create a long-range plan, titled “Citizen Engagement 2020,” for engaging the community on issues of importance.

  • Engage professional expertise to develop outreach and engagement approaches that implement the 2013 survey on communications and outreach preferences (March 2014).

Deliver concise and consistent messages to engage the entire West Linn community.

  • Use traditional and innovative communications tools (ongoing).
  • Focus on West Linn livability, priorities, and values (ongoing).