Storm damage to South Fork Water Board intake not expected to disrupt water services for City of West Linn residents

As outlined below, the South Fork Water Board's ("SFWB") intake facility on the Clackamas River has been temporarily shut down due to storm damage.  The SFWB is the water provider for the City of West Linn.  Until such time as the intake is operational again, water will be provided to the City of West Linn from the City of Lake Oswego and the North Clackamas County Water Commission through separate emergency interties.   The City has been working closely with all of the agencies involved and City residents should not experience any disruption to their service during this time.   Questions on this matter can be directed to the City's Public Works Dept. 503-656-6081.  The official press release from the SFWB is provided below: Storm Damage to the South Fork Water Board Intake Structure CLACKAMAS COUNTY -The South Fork Water Board (SFWB) is a wholesale water provider to the cities of Oregon City and West Linn, in addition to the Clackamas River Water (CRW)– South service area. The SFWB is owned in equal shares by the two cities and withdraws and treats water from the lower Clackamas River to produce a high quality, soft water for domestic and industrial purposes for approximately 65,000 people. As a result of the current storm event and high river levels, the fish screens at the SFWB intake structure on the Clackamas River have been damaged. Fish screens are an integral part of the water intake structure and prevent fish and debris from being drawn into the pumping system. The SFWB has taken the precautionary measure of shutting down the intake and is receiving water to service its customers through intertie agreements with the North Clackamas County Water Commission and the City of Lake Oswego. All agencies involved are confident this emergency supply system can provide for all of the water needs in the SFWB service area until this situation is corrected. River levels are forecast to recede over the next few days and a dive team will be on site to assess damage and look at repair options at the first opportunity. At this point in time, it is believed the damage is limited to the fish screens. By stopping the production of water, the SFWB is minimizing the risk of incurring damage to other parts of the intake system. All Oregon City, West Linn, and CRW-South customers served by SFWB are receiving safe high-quality drinking water and no supply issues are anticipated as a result of this event. If you have any questions or would like additional information about the South Fork Water Board, please contact John Collins, SFWB General Manager at (503) 657-6851(office) or (503) 701-6119 (mobile).