Emergency Alert System Test scheduled for November 9th at 11AM

On November 9th at 11 AM local time, a nationwide live test of the FEMA Emergency Alert System will go out on radios and TVs, briefly interrupting normal programming.  The test will last approximately 30 seconds. As detailed on the FEMA website, radio broadcasts will indicate that it is a test, while television broadcasts may *NOT* indicate this is a test. This could cause some confusion. FEMA has asked that we spread the word in an effort to prevent unnecessary calls to 911 and to help circumvent any potential for widespread panic or fear resulting from this test. The is the first nationwide test of the EAS and it allows the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Emergency Management Agency to test reliability of different parts of the emergency notification system chain. Again, officials stress that although it may appear there is a real emergency, it is only a test. For more information, go to www.fema.gov/emergency/ipaws/eas_info.shtm