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Leaf Cleanup and Street Sweeping

Use the web links at the bottom of this page for more information on leaf cleanup.

The City of West Linn asks that homeowners do not place leaves from their yards into the street.

Leaf Cleanup Responsibilities:

Any leaves that fall naturally into the street are the responsibility of the City and will be picked up during the regular street sweeping schedule (see web link below). In addition, the City is asking citizens if they see leaves blocking street storm drains or along the street curb-lines to move the leaves up onto the curb. This is especially important during heavy rains to prevent street drainage back-ups and flooding. Use the web link provided below to contact the City.

Leaves that fall along Interstate-205 and Willamette Drive (Hwy 43) are the responsibility of ODOT. You may log your requests with ODOT using the web link provided below.

Leaves that fall into yards are the property owner’s responsibility. Leaves can be discarded in regular yard debris cans. Please contact West Linn Refuse for more information on leaf pickup. In addition, West Linn Dan Davis Recycling Facility accepts yard debris and is located in West Linn at 4001 Willamette Falls Drive. See the web link provided below for more information on drop-off times.

STREET SWEEPING:  One half of the streets located within the city are swept each month, with each half alternating from month to month. Sweeping generally starts the third week of the month. This schedule is flexible depending on weather and other issues which may arise. Please click the link below for more information including maps of street sweeping areas.

Street sweeping information and maps