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Information About the Emergency Water Intertie With the Lake Oswego Water System

Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) was formed and 1984 and renewed in 2003. The IGA is between South Fork Water Board, the City of West Linn, and the City of Lake Oswego. the IGA covers the emergency water system intertie between the three entities. The emergency water system intertie is located near the intersection of Old River Rd and Kenthorpe Way in the Robinwood Neighborhood of West Linn.

  • Originally constructed in conjunction with the reconstruction of West Linn’s main transmission main going across the Interstate 205 Bridge which serves all of the City of West Linn.
  • The connection is an 18-inch intertie main approximately 800 feet in length connecting West Linn’s 18-inch main on Highway 43 to Lake Oswego’s 24-inch main on Kenthorpe Way.
  • Emergency water is defined as an occurrence which jeopardizes water quality, whereby insufficient supply threatening the health or safety of customers.
  • Utilization of the water intertie is triggered by mutual consent of the executive officers.
  • Cost of the water is charged at the wholesale rate currently being paid to South Fork.
  • City of West Linn owns the intertie and pays for normal operating and maintenance.
  • Repairs, replacement, and modifications are shared by parties based upon benefit.
  • West Linn water reservoir capacity is 5.5 million gallons, Lake Oswego’s is 27 million gallons, and Oregon City’s is 18 million gallons.
  • West Linn uses approximately 8 million gallons of water during a peak summer day.
  • The emergency water intertie benefits West Linn because Water Master Plan projects cost less because we can rely on LO’s capacity.