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Transportation Planning

Long range transportation plans are important tools for a community to use when preparing for future growth. Staff, decision makers, and the public rely on the documents to identify the function, capacity, and location of future facilities, direct resources to transportation projects, and provide the community with the level of investment that will be needed to support anticipated development.

The 2016 West Linn Transportation System Plan (2016 TSP), an update of the previously adopted plan, was timely as traffic congestion has consistently been identified as a high priority issue facing West Linn and the City is committed to finding solutions to this issue. The 2016 TSP, through developing an efficient and balanced multi-modal transportation system, acts as a key component in supporting the community’s vision and addressing community needs, while also conforming to state and regional plans and policies. Coordination with the City’s regional partners is particularly important to the successful implementation of the plan.

The City has also adopted the 2016 Hwy 43 Concept Plan, an update of the 2008 version. Hwy 43 functions as a regional commuter route, carrying a significant volume of traffic from Oregon City and beyond into Portland, but it also functions as an important local route within West Linn. The update was needed to provide clarity on the ultimate cross section envisioned for Hwy 43 in West Linn, including safe bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The plan also ensures consistent access for emergency vehicles and maintenance functions.