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Highway 43 Conceptual Design Plan

This cooperative project by the City of West Linn and the Oregon Department of Transportation will result in a conceptual design for improving State Highway 43 (Willamette Drive) from the Lake Oswego City Limits to the Oregon City City Limits. The project design will accommodate vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle travel needs and support adjacent land uses. It is anticipated that the conceptual design will be consistent with the recommendation in the Regional Transportation Plan that Highway 43 consist of two travel lanes with a center turn lane or median where warranted, and continuous sidewalks and bike lanes. The project will also consider other roadway features such as pedestrian crossings, street trees, landscaping, transit stops, and lighting to better support the needs of travelers and adjacent land uses. In addition to developing a roadway design, the project will evaluate the City’s proposed urban design guidelines for adjacent commercial areas to assess how the resulting development would relate to the roadway, and propose changes to the guidelines as necessary to better meet community goals. A strong public outreach/involvement effort is included. Cogan Owens Cogan, a Portland-based planning consulting firm, has been selected as the consultant for this project.