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LAND USE PRE-APPLICATION CONFERENCE Thursday, April 4, 2013 22500 Salamo Road Willamette Conference Room 1. Time:  8:00 am Applicant is requesting Planning Director approval to build a new single family home within 35’ of a stream. • 4744 Chestnut St. • Dave Burnett • Sunset Neighborhood Association • Project No. PA-13-11 • Planner:  Peter Spir 2. Time:  9:00 am Applicant proposes a subdivision application to create 9 lots for single family detached homes and a tract for stormwater management. • 22882 Weatherhill Rd. • John Wyland, JT Smith Companies •  Savanna Oaks and Willamette Neighborhood Associations • Project No. PA-13-09 • Planner:  Peter Spir 3. Time:  10:00 am Applicant proposes a partition application to create 3 single family detached homes. The proposed lots will take access to Remington Drive via a single private driveway with access easements. • 23451 Salamo Rd. • John Wyland, JT Smith Companies • Savanna Oaks Neighborhood Association • Project No. PA-13-10 • Planner:  Peter Spir                            4. Time:  11:00 am Applicant proposes removing the existing house and dividing the property with a 3 lot partition with access common drive at existing driveway on Santa Anita. • 1700 Santa Anita Dr. • Centurion Homes, Phil Gentemann • Rosemont Summit, Hidden Springs and Parker Crest Neighborhood Associations • Project No. PA-13-12 • Planner:  Peter Spir