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Time: 9:00am Meeting Type: Sidewalk use CANCELLED Address: 1914 Willamette Falls Dr. Applicant Name(s): Pascal Chureau Neighborhood Assn: Willamette Case Number: PA-10-10 Planner: Tom Soppe Time: 10:00am Meeting Type: Water Resource Area permit to build house on existing lot of record. Address: 3232 Sabo Ln. Applicant Name(s): Damon Sabo Neighborhood Assn: Parker Crest Case Number: PA-10-11 Planner: Tom Soppe Time: 11:00am Meeting Type: Sign permit application. CANCELLED Address: 22000 Willamette Dr., Ste 101 Applicant Name(s): Jaylene Paulus - Meyer Sign Co Neighborhood Assn: Bolton Case Number: PA-10-12 Planner: Tom Soppe Time: 1:30pm Meeting Type: Land use approval extension request for AP-07-01 Address: Tax Lot 100, 102, and 200 (Intersection of Blankenship Rd and Tannler Dr. / Group Mackenzie/Blackhawk, LLC Neighborhood Assn: Willamette and Savanna Oaks Case Number: PA-10-13 Planner: Tom Soppe