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Time: 9:00am Meeting Type: Roof over deck and an extension to the garage Address: 5743 River St Applicant Name(s): Greg Mitchell Neighborhood Assn: Bolton Case Number: PA-10-08 Planner: Tom Soppe Time: 10:00am Meeting Type: Extension and complete subdivision (6 lots) Address: 2929 Parker Rd. Applicant Name(s): Mel Lee Neighborhood Assn: Parker Crest & Sunset Case Number: PA-10-07 Planner: Tom Soppe Time: 11:00am Meeting Type: New one-story, 3,900 s.f. freestanding building to be used as a Key Bank branch with three (3) drive-thru lanes Address: 19080 Willamette Dr. Applicant Name(s): Vina Anderson (in behalf of Key Bank) Neighborhood Assn: Robinwood Case Number: PA-10?09 Planner: Peter Spir