Terrific Tuesdays

Terrific Tuesdays are fun events for kids and parents. They take place on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. throughout the school year. (Also check out LEGO Club on the second Tuesday of the month!)

September 22: Talk Like a Pirate
In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day Rick Huddle will present: "Arrrr! Pirates Have Feelings Too." Set off on a pirate ship with Cap'n Rick and get marooned on a desert island. We'll sing shanties, swab the deck, and come up with new answers to the age-old question, "What Would You Do with a Grumpy Sailor?"

October 28: Penny's Puppets
Come explore the garden as the fall harvest season is in full swing. A parade with songs, laughter and silliness starts out the fun. Meet Gourdenia who is the master of ceremonies, roll with laughter with punky the pumpkin and hear silly jokes from the corn sisters.

November 25: Mz. Pearl's Variety Show
A fun-filled clown show featuring juggling, comedy, puppetry, magic, and dance! Ages 3-12

December 16: Peter Pan and Tinker Bell Storytime
Their story is about Neverland, pirates, Wendy and the lost boys. Captain Hook is out to stop the boy who never wants to grow up while Tinker Bell faces losing her best friend! Only their friendship can save their friends and each other. A highly interactive show for all ages!