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Mailing Address and Use of Lockbox Services

Please contact us in the Finance Department if we can be of service in anyway - our general number is 503-656-4261 or email Nancy at

If you prefer the immediate assistance or attention of the Chief Financial Officer, please contact Richard Seals directly at 503-722-5505 or by email at

City of West Linn
PO Box 2330
Portland, Oregon 97208

This is the utility bill payment mailing address to the City's secure banking lockbox service which the City's utilizes for processing utility bill payments. The lockbox service, offered through the Bank of Cascades, processes the utility payment checks and deposits the payments directly into West Linn’s bank. This has increased efficiencies and the security of West Linn’s check processing system.

For the various ways to make payments towards your City Services Bill (a.k.a. Utility Bill) including online using a credit card, 800 number 24 hours a day 7 days per week, or automatically from your checking or savings account, click here.

Lockbox services are designed to expedite the collection of paper-based payments and improve the internal controls of check processing by automating this process through an independent third-party processor (usually a bank).  For more information on the use of lockbox services, refer to the attachment below which is a two-page handout explaining this Best Practice from the GFOA.