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Franchise Fee Agreements

Franchise Fee Agreements with the City of West Linn

9.010 Definition.

Franchise. A grant of authority by agreement and contract and ordinance allowing the use of public rights of way within the City for utility, solid waste and recycling collection, and similar purposes.

9.020 Authority.

The City has the authority pursuant to Section 6 of the Charter and ORS Chapters 221, 459 and 459A to issue franchises allowing the use of public rights of way for utility and other purposes. The City Council may grant exclusive or non-exclusive franchises for solid waste collection, waste recycling services, natural gas distribution, electric power distribution, telecommunications services, cable television services and other services. Franchises shall be granted by a franchise agreement approved by ordinance.

9.030 Restriction on Use of Rights of Way.

The City has jurisdiction to control public rights of way within the City and may regulate the use of rights of way by ordinance, franchise, license, permit or any combination thereof. Below are copies of the various franchise fee agreements with the City of West Linn.