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LAND USE PRE-APPLICATION CONFERENCE Thursday, March 7, 2013 22500 Salamo Road Willamette Conference Room 1. Time:  9:00 am Convert service to convenience. Renovate store and add storage. Increase landscape to 15% to reduce impervious surfaces. Canopy, islands and fueling to remain as is.  • 22250 Willamette Dr. • Robert Montgomery •  Bolton  Neighborhood Association • Project No. PA-13-04 • Planner:  Tom Soppe 2. Time:  10:00 am Street vacation, setback variance and septic variance for new home construction. • Next to 6325 Geer St. • Clay Poppert, Willamette Construction Inc. •  Bolton  Neighborhood Association • Project No. PA-13-05 • Planner:  Peter Spir