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Time:  9:00 am Meeting Type: Extension of Willamette River Greenway permit to build boat dock. Subject Property Address: 6591 Failing St. Applicant Name(s): Tom Stiglich Neighborhood Assn: Bolton Case Number: PA‐10‐18 Planner: Tom Soppe Meeting Type: Extension of 20 lot subdivision. Time: 11:00 am Subject Property Address: 22910 Weatherhill Rd Applicant Name(s): John Maslen Neighborhood Assn: Savanna Oaks and Willamette Case Number: PA‐10‐20 Planner: Tom Soppe Time: 1:30 pm Meeting Type: Remove non‐historic side addition/restore to original 1913 design & style. Subject Property Address: 1697 6th Ave. Applicant Name(s): Danny Schreiber Neighborhood Assn: Willamette Case Number: PA‐10‐19 Planner: Sara Javoronok