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When I'm in Charge - American Red Cross

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Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 5:30pm

When I’m In Charge – American Red Cross
Ages 8 - 11

Help prepare your children ages 8-11 for situations that may occur when they are home without your direct supervision. This American Red Cross course includes role-playing, safe responses to phone calls or visitors, getting along with siblings, and simple first aid techniques. Gun and internet safety topics are also included. Parents are encouraged to attend the last half-hour of the class. Min 5 Max 20
FEE: IC $64 / OC $69

6201.201 Th 5:30-8 pm 3/13
6202.201 T 5:30-8 pm 5/20
Adult Community Center, Classroom

Register at or call 503-557-4700