West Linn Academy of Kempo Karate

West Linn Academy of Kempo Karate.
Learn the Traditional Japanese Martial Art of Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo from Shihan Kurt Van Sickle 6th Degree Black Belt and North West Representative of SKSKI World Wide.

WLAKK was established in 1979 and is one of the premier Dojo’s in the North West. Kurt Van Sickle and his staff have trained many of the top Martial Arts Instructors in the area.

Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:45 at the Sunset Fire Hall 2215 Long St. West Linn Oregon.

For Class Schedules, Fees, more information, or to reserve a complimentary lesson:
Email us at contactsensei@westlinnmartialarts.com or call 503-780-8778.

Try a FREE class the first Tuesday or Thursday of the month!


FEE:                             Once per week             Twice per week

1 individual                 $50                              $60

2 family members        $70                              $80

3 or more                     $85                              $95


Classes start the first Tuesday or Thursday of the month.

Classes are held 6:45 - 7:45 pm
7110.201         Jan       One day a week
7111.201         Jan       Two days a week
7112.201         Feb      One day a week
7113.201         Feb      Two days a week
7114.201         Mar      One day a week        
7115.201         Mar      Two days a week        
7116.201         April    One day a week
7117.201         April    Two days a week
7118.201         May     One day a week
7119.201         May    Two days a week

Register at West Linn Parks and Recreation Dept website www.westlinnoregon.gov/parksrec or call 503-557-4700.