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Sunset Fire Hall

Sunset Fire Hall

Does your group need a place to meet? Is your house too small for that special party? Can’t find a location for your wedding reception? The City of West Linn may be able to meet your needs utilizing the Community Rooms located at Sunset Fire Hall.

The Sunset Fire Hall is available through the Parks & Recreation Department at 503-557-4700.

Sunset Fire Hall
2215 Long St.

This is a two story facility with the downstairs having the kitchen and meeting/eating area. Upstairs is a wood floor ballroom perfect for get togethers. This facility has had numerous improvements and upgrades over the past 5 years. It is a great venue for that large group or function.

* Accessibility to the 2nd floor is provided by a lift that does require an extra key. Please let us know if you need this feature.

Below are links to the Mclean House and Adult Community Center, two City owned alternatives for facility rental.

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1st Floor
2nd Floor