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Adult Community Center Services

The West Linn Adult Community Center is located at 1180 Rosemont Road in West Linn, Oregon. Programs offered at the ACC are managed by the City of West Linn Parks & Recreation Staff. The ACC is also available for rental use. Contact the ACC by calling Tiffany Carlson at 503-557-4704 or emailing

The ACC offers the following programs:

Tax Preparation through AARP - Every Tuesday beginning February 4th-April 8th. This service is to assist the elderly, low income or limited English proficiency and disabled clients.  Please call the front desk to schedule your appointment.

Low Income Energy Assistance - Clackamas County offers an energy relief program for those who qualify. If you are single or widowed your monthly income cannot be over $1,197.50. If there are two in your family, your monthly income cannot be over $1,550.00. If you feel you would qualify, call to check. All information is confidential.

Transportation Reaching People (TRP) - This is another great choice in transportation. They cover a wider area of transportation to meet your needs. Call three days in advance. Suggested donation $1.00. Call 503-655-8208. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver in the West Linn area, please call TRP at 503-655-8208 for an appointment.

Foot Clinic - Pamper yourself with a personalized foot treatment by our visiting Nurse on the 1st Wednesday of the month. Call 503-557-4704 for an appointment; cost is $25.

Flu Shots - Flu shots are made available each year at the Senior Center. Check with us for dates in the Fall.

The Safe Reunion Program - This program is designed to aid in identifying where a lost, Memory Impaired, or Non-Verbal communicator may belong. This is made possible by a specially designed bracelet, provided by the West Linn Police, at no cost to the participants. All information will be kept confidential. If this is a program that interests you, please call our center, 503-557-4704.

The City of West Linn contracts with the Pioneer Center in Oregon City for the extended services listed below. Please utilize the links at the bottom of the page to access more information about more details of services and who to contact.

Nutrition Program - Meals on Wheels is available for homebound individuals who are 60 or over. Call 503-657-8287. Suggested donation $2.25

Transportation - Transportation is provided to anyone over the age of 55 residing in the city of West Linn and its urban growth boundary, Gladstone, and the city limits of Oregon City. On Thursdays, we also offer service in Redland and Beavercreek. Persons can be transported anywhere within those limits. Lift is available. Call the day before. Donation for one-way transportation is fifty cents. Call 503-657-8287.

Grocery Shopping - Need a lift to the grocery? On Tuesdays the bus goes to Fred Meyers, and on Fridays to Danielson's and Albertson's. Call ahead 503-657-8287